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Who is a fashion stylist? What is the job of a fashion stylist?

Simple! A stylist is a creative consultant BUT the job variates depending on the assignment.

Fashion Styling is divided in various branches, two of them being Editorial Styling and Personal Styling (Image Consultant)

Editorial Styling

Styling by one of our student: Shahista Khan

An editorial stylist plan the concept, selects the clothing to put a particular look for an specific project/shooting, often collaborates with fashion designers, photographers, hair stylists and make-up artists.

A fashion stylist is always up to date on the latest collections and trends, street styles, fashion events but also have a knowledge about art, architecture, photography, cinema etc.
Anything that can enrich, inspire and influence the work of a stylist on  daily basis can and must end in a photoshoot.

The goal is to make appealing imagery and desirable products.

Personal Styling (Image Consultant)

As a personal stylist/consultant you help the client achieve the desired look by helping them understand their body shape, face shape and what looks best for them,
trying different color palette and hues to find their best colors,
update the clients wardrobe and advice on the latest trends.

You may go shopping with your client and put a look together within a budget.

Either way a Fashion stylist needs to be curious and always pay attention on what is happening around the world.

Which Styling is for you? Want to learn more?

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