LOVE FASHION? SHORT PERIOD IN MILAN ? - One Day Personal Fashion Styling Course

What to do in Milan?

Things to do in Milan !!  The One Day Personal Fashion Styling Course  is a unique Fashion Workshop for those who loves fashion or simply wants to learn more about their personal style or want to know how to dress accordingly their body shape, face shape and color palette.

Is a fun and intensive day discovering new things about different styles and more importantly about yourself.
The Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Styling Worksop is 6 hours long from 10am until 5pm with one hour lunch break,
is very easy to book, you can choose the date that you want to participate from Monday to Friday.

What are the arguments?

  • Face shape – Theory and practice
  • Body Shape – Theory and practice
  • Color Analysis (finding your colors) – Theory and Practice
  • Style Identification – Theory and practice
  • Fashion trends
I advise to take this workshop before going shopping so you can go for the shapes and colors that flatters you the most.

Fashion is about expressing yourself! so What do YOU want to say?

Meta Description:

Are you looking for a fashion personal fashion workshop? Read everything about Milan Fashion Fashion Campus  and discover more by following the One Day Personal Fashion Styling in Milan.